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Wedding invitations are the key element of a wedding’s theme and the “mood” you intend to set for your occasion. After all, in such event the purpose of an invitation is to solely inform the guests about the details of the celebration, so you can’t just send a contact or postcard. However, wedding invitations also serves like a souvenir of a big day. Like wedding ceremony itself, it should be beautiful and personal.

Decide on wedding Invitation’s Design

There are thousands great ready-made inexpensive wedding invitations to select from; simply select a pattern, send the details, and the printer can have the order ready within weeks. With such a wide selection, it may be difficult to pick out which one is very best. Here are the areas to consider:

* Formal or Traditional.

You want a wedding invitation to complement the theme and mood on the wedding. Is your wedding party formal or traditional? A formal wedding may require classic script fonts, official wording, and the regular double envelope. A more traditional invitation might use more modern fonts and more natural wording but care should be taken to retain the solemnity on the occasion.

* Color.

You should always choose a subdued coloring. If you are having a rather bright color for your design, like turquoise, pick a delicate ribbon trim or small accents with the sides or corners instead of applying it to the entire invitation. This makes your invitation look classier, and again, is in keeping with the nature of the presentation. It’s a wedding, not a night dancing at any trendy club.