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Goldfish require very low maintenance, as compare with other pets. Goldfish produces a lot of waste, that is why several diseases can affect them. Most of the problems are related to their skin and digestive system. The viruses, fungal infections and the bacteria are all responsible to infect their skin. As goldfish is well known for their colorful skin, so it’s become important to take appropriate care of their skin. Especially in case of fancy goldfish.

Here are some of the common skin disease occurs in in goldfish:

Skin ulcers : It comes in the form of white patches on the skin of goldfish and this problem is labeled as ulcers. White edge on their skin is due to bacterial contagion. This infection makes the skin ragged and fish lose the shine of its skin.

White spots: White spots are small whitish spots on the skin of goldfish. It is also known as ich. These white spots expand on the whole body of the fish and it is due to a parasite. Poor water condition are responsible for such disease and this infection can can affect the entire fish population in the aquarium.

Velvet disease: One can see a golden coating on the skin of goldfish, it is velvet disease or a gold dust disease. It is very difficult to detect this disease because of the golden color of fish.