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Learning to play drums is similar to learning to walk the very first time – you start with baby steps. Learn at your own pace. Take pleasure in the process your personal learning takes. Your goal isn’t to become the ‘quickest learner’, but to become the best drummer you will be, and there’s no other way but to understand the basic principles, and development in to the advanced stages, one day at any given time.

Learn to play drums on the web. It is free and there is an infinite resource of important information that may get you a newbie-drummer around the right track. But, caution should be noticed as some websites don’t present time-tested methods, but simply a rehash of articles already placed on the net. Discover the most useful resources of drum classes for beginners and contribute to them. In fact, you can get help from DrumChannel.com in locating The Best Drum Lessons and Drum Shows Online.

Learn the basics first. It’s simple for a newbie drummer to feel upbeat about the information he can access on the web that a lot of likely, he will preview the more advanced classes before he even knows to utilize his drumsticks! This is understandable, but definitely, perhaps not the proper method of learning how to play drums. It’s like trying to work before you can also learn to walk.