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Kartell is an Italian designer firm who specialise in contemporary designs for living. Established in 1949 by chemical engineer Guilio Castelli, the firm made world fame from their innovative use of plastics to create stunning furniture designs. Today the name Kartell is synonymous with style and innovation and the company prides itself on its collaborations […]

Pests have always been the constant problem of people for many years already. They destroy crops, livestock, and even things that can be found inside our very homes. Termites, for example, are considered to be one of the most dangerous pests at present. These insects possess the ability to utterly destroy the largest and arguably, […]

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The electric energy bill is among the largest month-to-month bills. It makes sense that it must be a target of address when looking at ways to save money every month. Now there are tons of manner ins which one can do this, but here is a brand new, easy, effective and fast way that this […]

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For many property owners, concrete driveways dont provide the appearance or performance that makes them worth the effort. The main reason is that not all concrete is created equal and only those driveways and other landscaping products installed by a leading Sydney area firm can truly be considered fantastic. For over 15 years Hills Kerbs […]