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Every home theater system, except for systems that simulate surround sound, include at least 5 speakers each of which has to be connected to an AV receiver. Alternatively, you can get a wireless kit that can eliminate wires for 2 or more speakers. I will show how to set up these wireless kits.

Usually installing wireless speaker kits is pretty straightforward. You can find some instruction manuals at http://www.amphony.com/products/wireless-surround-sound.htm. The speaker kit essentially replaces the speaker wire that goes from your AV receiver to your speakers. These kits typically include a wireless transmitter as well as one or two wireless receivers. These products function by converting the audio that arrives at the transmitter terminal to data. This data is then modulated onto an RF carrier. Some models also use IR light to send the audio.

The receiver will demodulate the data and the convert it back to the audio signal. The audio is then amplified and output at the receiver speaker terminal. As such installing the wireless transmitter requires connecting the audio inputs with the rear-speaker audio outputs of your AV receiver. The receivers then are connected to your speakers. Both the transmitter as well as the wireless receivers need to be connected to power and you are all set.