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If you have purchased a wireless home theatre system then you will need to understand a bit about how to properly set up the wireless unit and the speakers in order to get best performance. In this article, I’ll give some pointers to help you with the setup and to avoid common mistakes.

A wireless home theatre system is more complicated than a regular home theatre system because there is an additional component involved to send the music to your speakers. This component includes a wireless transmitter unit which receives audio from a home theatre receiver and wireless receivers which pick up the wireless signal and drive the connected speakers.

Nowadays, most wireless transmitters work in the digital domain. The audio is sampled and converted to numbers. This is done by an ADC which is inside the transmitter. This ADC only accepts audio within a certain voltage range. If the audio exceeds that range then the signal will be clipped, i.e. distorted. On the other hand, if the audio signal level is too small, the transmitter only uses some of its dynamic range.

To properly set up the transmitter, adjust the audio to a point just before it starts clipping. Then set the wireless amplifier volume to the maximum volume that you desire.