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Contrary to the common belief, plumbing Fresno CA contractors reveal that the plumbing system in an average household is not that difficult to understand. Actually, the pipes in our homes can fall into two major categories. By looking where these pipes go, we can readily understand their purpose and allow us to find appropriate solutions to problems before they get out of hand. Get a better understanding of your plumbing system.

Water Supply System
This part of your home plumbing system involves the network of pipes that are used to transport water from the municipal source or the mainline. The pipes in this system feed the different plumbing fixtures you have installed in your home using pressure to guarantee the flow of water. A series of valves is responsible for controlling this flow the way faucets, showerheads, and turn-off cocks do. Problems coming from the water supply system normally require the attention of professional plumbers and there is very little that homeowners can do on their own.

Drainage System
The other category of pipes that is used in an average household is the drainage system. These networks of pipes are used to drain off water and similar waste materials into the cesspool or more commonly known as the sewer system. This particular system of pipes relies on the use of gravity to remove waste from your home and ensure the health and safety of your family. Blockage and clogging are the most common problems experienced by this system, which homeowners can prevent with practical measures.

Professional plumbing Fresno CA contractors point out that a failure in one system will affect the other so both systems must function properly every time.