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If you are hoping to immigrate to Chicago Illinois and become a US citizen, you probably need to search for the best immigration lawyer in Chicago. This is because the immigration process can be very complex and lengthy, not to mention costly. One mistake on your application form could put your case for citizenship back months, so it is important to get things right from the very start. An immigration lawyer will be able to provide you with specialized legal advice and representation when it comes to the US citizenship application process.

There are many different things that could prevent a person from becoming a US citizen. For example, if you have committed any sort of crimes in the past, regardless of how petty those crimes were, your application for US citizenship could be severely compromised. Fortunately, an experienced immigration attorney will be able to discuss your options and help to improve your chances of becoming a US citizen.

If you are hoping to get a h1b visa or a fiance visa, an immigration lawyer could also be of a lot of help. That said, it is important to make sure that you hire a specialized immigration lawyer who has detailed knowledge of the U.S. immigration code.