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In this article, I am going to show a number of methods to make your music wireless. Music used to be stored on tape and albums. More recently music has been shifting towards the CD and even more recently, most music is stored on memory devices such as iPods, smartphones or computers.

Some of these devices such as a PC or CD player are not portable. Running long speaker wires can be a hassle. There are several ways to stream the music without having to hire a contractor. If you have your music stored on your PC you can stream directly from your PC via a network adapter. For wireless music, wired and wireless adapters can be used.

If you have a LAN cable installed in your home then you can use that network. Simply connect each networked device to the network and identify each network node to your streaming PC. If your music is stored in analog format then you can use a wireless transmitter to broadcast your music. Virtually all audio transmitters have analog audio inputs. Depending on your audio source you may need an adapter to connect to the wireless transmitter. Wireless speakers are another great option to stream virtually any type of audio.