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Learning to play drums is similar to learning to walk the very first time – you start with baby steps. Learn at your own pace. Take pleasure in the process your personal learning takes. Your goal isn’t to become the ‘quickest learner’, but to become the best drummer you will be, and there’s no other […]

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In case you are interested in learning the best way to play the drums, or want your child to learn then beginner drum lessons are the best option for you. There are a pack of things that you must consider before selecting the greatest drum lessons which are the follows: 1. Kind Of Drums You […]

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There are so many people who love playing polyrhythms on drum kit. Majority of people think that it’s the maths that drew them towards polyrhythms. I imagine that it is enough to put most people off, but I really do not believe you need maths to learn or master them. It is actually not like […]