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Taking leave from school or college is a difficult task. Getting a note from a doctor can prove quite expensive. Missing classes without a genuine excuse to explain your absence can create a bad impression on your grades too. In such situations, you need to get an excuse note that looks genuine.

There are plenty of sites online that allow you download templates of fake notes which look like a real one. Getting a fake doctors note for school can be done without any hassle if you choose a good template from these sites. The cost of downloading them is cheaper. Even if you take a day off because of some minor illness, these fake notes are useful as you need not consult the doctor or pay expensive fees. The long wait for the appointment and getting the doctor’s note all take time and money which you can do without, if you use the fake notes.

These notes can also be used by employees who want to take a day off from work. While at work, you may feel ill and need a day off to rest and recuperate. Though going to a doctor and getting a note will help, it will cost you much more than when you use the false note template. This is the reason why many people prefer the fake notes.