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Here are some tips that will you to prepare for tropical storm season
Make sure your back yard is free of debris that could become airborne, so before the next tropical storm season starts, take some time to clean up your back yard to help minimize the quantity of flying debris that could become dangerous and hit your Impact Resistant Windows during a bad hurricane. You should also take some time to trim your shrubbery and trees if you have any around your house as this will reduce the chances of some of the branches breaking off which could cause damage to your homes roof and windows and injury to others.

Another good idea that a lot of homeowner do not think about is to clear out their gutters and drains as this will prevent them from backing up and overflowing which could contribute to flooding if you happen to have heavy down pouring of rain. You should also prepare a list of outside items that you cannot anchor down or dont want to anchor down, that you will need to bring inside your home or garage if there is a hurricane warning, such as your patio furniture, chairs, tables, grills, umbrellas, potted plants and other household equipment.

Have an evacuation plan in place

Put an evacuation plan in place and review it with your family, this way everyone will be on the same page in the event that an evacuation is necessary. You can contact the local American Red Cross or your local emergency management service if you need help creating an evacuation route and destination. If your destination happens to be a motel or hotel, then before you leave make and confirm your reservations, because things can change quickly, especially reservations in the event of an evacuation. If you need to evacuate and you cant find a place with Hurricane Resistant Windows, then you can consider going to a local shelter until the storm passes.