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Perhaps you came across an ad about the best spray tan machine and this give you an idea to try it one of these days. But when is the best time to do it? Obviously, you don’t want to waste money for no reason. Well, you can always think of a very special occasion that you wanted to look new. You can always surprise that people that you love by showing your flawless tanned skin.

As for me, the best time to get tanned is during summer. It blends well with the heat of the sun, showing a different and glowing you. Summer is also the best time to flaunt off your body to your friends. Wouldn’t it be great to wear your swimsuit and show off your flawless tanned skin? You can be a head turner on the beach or be an envy to your friends. Have fun under the sun playing volleyball or talking with someone you love. This will surely be a day to remember which will bring lasting memories that you will cherish. But of course you can still tan your skin art any other special occasion. It can be during your birthday, wedding and other special affairs. So may as well think about it.